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Pierre Brouillette is self-taught. At eighteen, he discovered jewellery.

Jeweler too early, cabinetmaker later. Pierre Brouillette has developed his collection around his two passions. Combining precious metals and exotic woods, he reinvents jewellery.

Passionate about architecture, design, beautiful objects and even mechanics, the artist is not afraid to give his jewellery an architectural dimension. balanced and symmetrical or even a little "industrial" side as he says himself.

Concerned about the smallest detail, nothing is left to chance. “In fact I am a bit unconventional in my approach. One of my main inspirations is my look at the people and objects around me. ”

- Pierre Brouillette, Jewellery

Originally from the Charlevoix region and attracted from an early age by the bewitching scent of freshly cut pine wood, every opportunity to work with wood makes him happy. A few years later, at college it was more towards drawing and architecture that he turned to perfect his technical knowledge, but his passion for trees, wood and nature as a whole is still present. At the age of 24, he founded his exclusive bespoke furniture manufacturing company which he would run for the next thirty years.

Along with his professional activities, an ever-growing taste for wood carving, forms free from constraints, unforeseen and uncalculated, is developing. What a joy to let your inspiration guide your hand without any constraint.

"Lovers of trees, nature inspires me respect and gratitude. Through the silent presence and the physical act, discover the form that already lives in the raw room and participates in its being ... awaken the sleeping form. I like to transform what nature has already prepared slowly and carefully, to follow the natural contours of this living form, to discover the hidden gem "

- Benoit Bergeron, Art Woodworking

A native of the Quebec City region, I was introduced to sculpture as a teenager by my grandfather. I discovered the pleasure of working with wood, but I had to give up this activity for professional reasons, which led me to do pilot training with the Canadian Armed Forces, then I worked in the police world for over 25 years. I was therefore captain of the gendarmerie, director of criminal investigations, director of public security (police, firefighter, first responder and 911 call center), inspector of Quebec police services.

Throughout my professional life, I have been involved in associations as a member or responsible for governance, in particular with the Association of Quebec Police Chiefs, the Association of Quebec Fire Chiefs, the Association of private security in Quebec.

Finally, my professional career ended with the general management of the indigenous community of Wemotaci.

After a busy professional career, I began to dream of working with metal without having the slightest notion of the requirements of this material. I would even wake up at night imagining ways to make metal tree sculptures. I asked a specialist in industrial welding to give me basic welding training, after which I invested myself intensely in this universe. A few weeks later, I had made my first tree. A little puny, almost sickly, this first tree was still the object of great pride because I saw the trees to come. The following took the panache; they have become more costly, more provided, more alive.

Evolving in an environment favorable to inspiration, on the edge of a magnificent lake, in an agricultural region where nature envelops and nourishes, I set up my workshop behind my home. I find myself in a cocoon surrounded by a magnificent rockery which, in summer, lodges full of flowers, plants, fruit trees and, above all, magnificent rocks which have inspired me; the rocks thus became an integral part of my projects.

Thus iron combines with rocks and minerals to reflect my daydreams.

These trees that I develop represent for me the strength and stubbornness of life. Climbing a tree to the sky requires perseverance, resistance and adaptation: a reflection of many human lives ... Each new branch proclaims hope and renewal.

Hoping that the emotions I experience when creating my works can be transmitted to you.

- Gille Drolet, Metal Sculpture

Halfway between naive art, ‘’ street art ’and illustration, I find my inspiration in contact with the nature that surrounds me.

My intention is about promote joy in my practice and to appeal to the candid and tender part of people, their childish hearts.

My paintings are always constructed in two stages, namely content and form, an approach to abstraction and then to figuration. I explore the state of relaxation provided by the letting go of colors, the gesture, the energy that needs to go naturally without constraint, it is in this state without seeking a precise objective that I compose the basis of the painting: through abstraction. Then comes the figuration (intention) in superposition which comes to play with what is already there: the colors, the unexpected and raw shapes of the abstract background. It is at this moment that I express an idea, a concept inspired by my daily reflections and my realizations through a character or a staging of natural elements.

The line occupies an important place in my work, sinuous and lively, it captures the energy that circulates and unites everything.

- Jacynthe Bergeron, Painter, sculpture, knitter and more!

Madeleine Laberge was born in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and raised in L’Islet in the Bas-du-Fleuve region. From an early age, she developed a passion for the arts.

It was in 1984 that she took her first steps in painting, in oils. After studying at the Académie des Beaux-Arts under Ms. Sylvia Araya, she continued her artistic training in private institutions and with renowned artists such as Mr. Jacques Hébert. Then began a long self-taught apprenticeship during which she would refine her technique and discover watercolor.

His work is strongly colored by his rural origins. The country decorations occupy a place of choice in his universe of creation.

Madeleine Laberge has participated in several duo and collective exhibitions within the framework of the Société Artistique du Québec.

Several of his works have taken up residence in Quebec and European homes.

She was made a signatory member of the Canadian Watercolor Society (SCA) in March 2008.

She teaches, two sessions per year, at her home to beginner and intermediate level students.

- Madeleine Laberge, Visual Art

Life has taken me to a childish and wonderful world ... the early childhood environment where I spent more than 25 years of my life as an educator.

Already having the soul of an illustrator, my life with children has allowed me to awaken in me a particular taste for more whimsical ideas. All the innocence and the simplicity of this joie de vivre invaded my imagination. The beautiful images of my childhood resurfaced and made me want to put on canvas all the bright colors that embellish my life.

Living in the countryside, it is easy for me to find mushrooms growing on trees and imagine little fairies dancing around them. The environment in which I live presents me with a different vision every day of all the splendor of nature that I like to reproduce in my paintings.

Discovering the medium I use, stained glass painting, exalts me with its vibrant colors that stimulate our attention.

Now it's up to you to discover the depth of your imagination.

- Mado Samson, Visual Art

Whatever my point, the atmosphere remains a constant in the conception of my works. It is through its composition that my emotion is expressed and the dialogue with the other begins.

My pictorial universe is dominated by the immensity of the territory and its conflicting elements. World news, climate change, wars, injustices leave an indelible mark on my mind. In my production, imaginary territories are superimposed on real ones, thus creating several possibilities. There emerges a mixture of stillness, mystery, silence where man walks towards an elsewhere. Through my artistic language, I communicate my perception of the current world.

My visual language is mainly and deeply instinctive, intuitive and non-conformist. In the studio, I paint in oils or acrylics, occasionally adding pastel, pencil ... First of all, the urgency, the primary impulse to create. Then a first composition emerges followed by a work of reconstruction. I mainly use monochrome tones to produce a dramatic effect and accentuate the seriousness of my subject.

During the days, the walks, my eye catches in an unusual way, shapes, lines, saturated colors, vibrations in the environment which surrounds me and registers them in my subconscious. Once in front of the canvas, these elements emerge, reveal themselves and thus form my own aesthetic.

It is essential for me that my paintings project a certain duality, that they be enigmatic, open to several readings. I do not work according to the artistic trends of the moment or according to the public and their expectations. It's up to him to find his own resonance, his meaning, his pleasure. My talk responds above all to an inner need regardless of fashions. The work, like all that is vital, must be able to evolve.

- Marie Rioux, Visual Art

Attracted by physical work and by the acuity of strength movement, I quickly loved the screen printing on textile. I find this feeling there, when the blade passes over the silk with the resistance of the ink, a thick and dense plastisol.

I started by printing abstract patterns on clothes, leading to the creation of Agence Orange 21. I then used canvas mounted on a false frame, printed with rhythmic patterns within a production artistic that I was going to broadcast. Then, I end up developing an interest in textiles, particularly in grain and spinning, which have a great influence on the result of printing. By these details of fabric construction, my "screen-printed" images have been transformed and are more like weaving processes, always imbued with a system and mechanics.

In addition to my screen-printing research, I have always worked with wood, for the same reasons: the physical work of precision and the undeniable trace of action on thought. Wood leaves no chance, especially the stumps of rotten trees, which are always the first pieces to attract me. At the beginning, I worked the material with engravings, allowing me to wrap it, to distort it and make it less organic. Then, I started to use my printed fabrics to dress my sculptures as a designer would.

Sometimes I see huge organic and futuristic buildings, other times the influence of African art ... I like that my creations have several languages and several impressions at the same time.

Marriage, contrast, paradox and sensitivity, so many possibilities open up to this search for transcendence over matter, over color, in connection with this association of wood and textile according to principles of construction and mechanics in an esthetic determinant.

- Sébastien 1/1, Sculpture and screen printing

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