Artists of the studios

Le Vivoir’s first floor presents made up of glass-paneled artists' studios which allow visitors to immerse themselves in the workshops’s atmosphere. Along the main walkway, you will discover the tools, the prototypes and the universe of 8 talented artists.

Portrait of Judith Dubord

Judith Dubord

Glass and Ceramics

Judith Dubord creates with glass and ceramics. As an artist of many talents, she inspires with her delicate collections; the result of a unique relationship with matter. It is a real delight to see her at work.

Portrait of Véronique Palin-Vernier

Véronique Palin-Vernier

Stamped Leather

Inside the leather studio, we are welcomed by Véronique Palin-Vernier. Guided by an acute sensibility towards nature, Véronique demonstrates all the various demands of her art. A savoir-faire filled with deeply rooted traditions! You won’t regret stopping by.

Portrait of Christian Michaud

Christian Michaud

Sculpture and woodworking

As a sculptor of wood with contemporary traits, Christian Michaud Teaches us to admire wood from a different angle. With the greatest humility, he creates murals that are singular and refined.

Portrait of Chantale Bouchard

Chantale Bouchard

Engraving and printing

Our curiosity is awakened inside Chantale Bouchard’s studio. Through her practicing of engraving and printing, Chantale allows us to discover unusual techniques and equipment. We feel privileged upon this encounter.

Portrait of André-Médard Bourgault

André-Médard Bourgault

Wood Carving

André-Médard Bourgault, a descendant of the Bourgault family, occupies the fifth studio. From seeing him at work, we witness all the expertise that brings him to create his figures. An encounter that you won’t forget!

Portrait of Dominique Beaupré Saint-Pierre

Dominique Beaupré Saint-Pierre

Glass and plants

Through her creations, Dominique Beaupré St-Pierre offers a surprising union between the living and the material. By integrating glass to plants, she offers us delicate and evolutionary sculptures. You will most likely find Dominique behind her the flame of her blowtorch.

Portrait of Annie Roussel

Annie Roussel

Jewellery and pyrography

Behind Annie Roussel’s works lies a well-kept secret. Tiny letters engraved on the material form meaningful lines and textures that reveal the artist’s own texts. This intimate relationship between literature and visual arts plunges us into a world steeped in poetry and pure beauty!

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