Photography service

Capture every detail

Your artworks are worthy of professional photos and it is an essential tool for a quality portfolio. In addition, we love to see your work through our lens!

Professional photography service

Le Vivoir works with photographers capable of showing off your creations at their true value. Our photo studio, located in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, is weel equiped with professional tools optimized to capture every detail of the creations that pass under our lens.

Specialized in artwork photos, we have what it takes to meet your needs; whether for ambience photos, photos of product sheets or promotional photos.

Several options possible

Each artwork is unique, so we offer different options to adapt photos to the specific needs of the artwork and its context.

Professional photo of textile on white background
White background
Professional photo of a metal sculpture on a gray color background
Grey background
Professional photo of ceramic artwork on black background
Black background
Professional macro type photo of a silver ring
Macro type photos
Professional photo of a handmade leather collar
Promotional photos for website and social media
Professional photo of a sculpture
Effect of staging in a decor

Would you like to see other sample photos taken by our team? Visit our online store!


A tailor-made offer can also be created according to your needs!


Painting, drawing, wall sculpture ...

1 artwork - 68$
2 artworks - 55$
3 artworks and more - 40$

Includes 1 to 2 photos cropped to the contours of the artwork and / or to the frame

Add $ 20 / artwork for a photo of staging in a decor


For our collaborating artists

1 artwork - 20$
5 artworks and more - 15$

Release of rights on photos already taken by Le vivoir


Ceramics, small sculpture, jewelry ...

1 artwork - 70$
2 artworks - 60$
3 artworks and more - 55$

6 to 12 photos of different views of the artwork

Ask for a personalized quote for a staging in a decor or large format sculpture (~ 36'' and more)

1. The price displayed is the unit price per artwork. The lot price is valid for artworks of similar characteristics, such as material, dimensions and type of photo desired.

2. Certain highly reflective materials, such as glass or ceramics, for example, may require adjustments at additional costs. If this is the case, the costs will be communicated to you in advance.


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