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Le Vivoir is also a place where temporary exhibitions follow one another, to the delight of lovers of Quebec crafts and visual arts. Thanks to our dedicated spaces, you will have the chance to discover unpublished collections!

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History of exhibitions

February 17 to April 3, 2023
Boxed landscape
Caroline Dubois

The Landscape in a Box exhibition by artist Caroline Dubois presents two bodies of ceramic works whose shapes and colors are organic and natural, while reflecting the traces and vestiges left by all human intervention.

November 18, 2022 to January 8, 2023
Ute Wolff

Through her favorite material, Tyvek – this paper-like but very robust textile – Ute Wolff transports us to an unusual world where she expresses herself with and around the yarn.

September 16 to November 7, 2022
Inside of the Inside
Sébastien Lajoie

Discover silkscreen printing like you've never seen it before thanks to the silkscreen and sculptural works of artist Sébastien Lajoie, as part of the exhibition Le Dedans du Dedans

July 14 to September 5, 2022
Hindrance and drift
Judith Dubord

The Hindrance and Drift project is first and foremost an exercise in creativity. The goal: to design 50 cups where the shape of the container remained the same, but where the addition always had to be different. This addition was to serve as an anchor for a rope also laid out differently each time.

September to October 2020
From selvage to selvage
Guy Lemieux

The exhibition From lisière to lisière offers an incursion into the work of Guy Lemieux, where tradition is put forward in a series of the most current works.

June 2019 to June 2021
Footprints of a region
71 artist of the region

Sometimes, from a candid idea is born a grandiose project. A project larger than life, which exceeds all expectations. Bringing together 71 artists with such different backgrounds, motivations and mediums around a common exhibition might seem incongruous, if not impossible.

Overview of our exhibitions

View of Equilibrium exhibition
Detail of a work from the exhibition Landscape in a box by the artist Caroline Dubois
Loom by artist Guy Lemieux for the exhibition De Lisière en Lisière
View of one of the 50 creations from the Entrave et Dérive exhibition
Tribute to the artist François Bourdeau
Section of one of the works in the exhibition Le Dedans du Dedans

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