Footprints of a region

Uniting artists under a creative movement

Sometimes, a candid idea leads to a grand project.
A larger-than-life, which exceeds all expectations.

Bringing together 71 artists of different backgrounds, motivations and mediums around a collective exhibition may at first seem incongruous, if not impossible.

Yet, it is what Footprints of a Region has to offer.

To bear witness to our region’s artistic vitality, to highlight those men and women who bring beauty and poetry. These creators who evoke wonder, emotion and reflection.

To invite dialogues, meeting and sharing.
To celebrate the uniqueness of each one, to welcome without discrimination.
To unite the artistic community around a promising, sensitive and unique project.
To walk together, in the same direction.

That was our aspiration.

We thank the artists for their generosity.
Thank you for giving us the access to the very personal space of your creative universe.

Thanks to Maighan Gagnon, Le Vivoir’s founder, for the special place she gave the exhibition, and especially to the people who are part of it. Maighan, the love you carry for art, people, and our region is reflected in every one of your actions.

And it fills me with pride, dear daughter.

Thanks to all these free atoms who partnered to transform this crazy idea into a magnificent and real project.

And to you, dear spectators…
We hope that this exhibition will delight and surprise you.
That it will raise your curiosity.
Most importantly, we hope it will spark your inner fire, and make you want to explore the material
by lowering your barriers.

Because sometimes, the stars align and everything takes shape as if by magic.

- Monika Gagnon, originator of Footprints of a Region