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Hélène Fleury



Portrait of the ceramist Hélène Fleury

To give oneself freely and with joy to the work of form, one must know one's material intimately. It is then that the oeuvre comes to life and is inhabited by a breath. This feeling is beyond words.

Some parts will never breathe. No need to struggle, you have to know how to recover the clay and start again. This fascinating material, as long as it is not cooked, can be returned to itself indefinitely.

I started very young as a potter. My journey in visual arts, especially the years when I modeled clay to make bronzes, led me to where I am. Creating a turned piece to add shaped parts to it has kind of become my signature. Although it's a delicate process, especially with porcelain, it's a challenge and I enjoy every step of it.

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Ceramic jar, obvara firing, driftwood ornament, orange model
  • $395.00
Obvara ceramic and driftwood jar
  • $395.00
Obvara ceramic and driftwood jar
  • $395.00
Large pinched porcelain bowl
  • $245.00
Ceramic jar, OBVARA firing
  • $295.00
Obvara ceramic and driftwood jar
  • $395.00
Large porcelain poppy bowl
  • $145.00
Medium gray and pink poppy bowl
  • $125.00
White porcelain poppy bowl
  • $65.00