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Product Code: NAA-PHO-008

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Unframed photograph

Sold in a protective pouch

Limited series of 25 prints, each copy is numbered and signed by the artist

Printed on Hahnemühle PhotoRag 100% cotton paper

11 x 14 '' (including the margin all around the artwork)

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Staging and framing for information only

Creation process

Professional photographer artist for thirty years, Nathalie Ampleman is particularly interested in photographic processes, old as well as digital. She finds the material for her works in the plants that line her environment.

Her creations are real witnesses of the cycle of life: the plant collected and installed on expired argentic paper heats up under the action of the sun, decomposes, and leaves, through its sweat, the trace of its passage on the paper. The photograms disappear quickly since they are not chemically fixed. They are therefore promptly digitized before being numerically refined.

What the artist gives us to see is nothing less than the ephemeral cycle of nature, both dazzling and delicate traces of life that will mesmerize you with their beauty.

The artist

Nathalie Ampleman


Portrait of the artist photographer Nathalie Ampleman

Like the alchemist who seeks adventure and chance, I experiment different ways of making images by combining the unforeseen and accidents of historical photographic processes with digital photography. These different processes are the triggers of my approach.

The work presented begins with the research and collection of plants found in my environment, that is to say flowers and plants that I expose in the sun on expired argentic photo paper. Not being fixed by any chemical process, the photograms disappear. Before their disappearance and to preserve the imprint, the argentic photo paper is digitized. The virtual images thus created are refined using digital tools. This artistic process reveals the complex process of plant decomposition while addressing its metamorphic power. It is also a testament to the cyclical nature of everything, as illustrated by the withering and dying plant on photographic paper.

This is only the beginning of an intangible exploration and the object obtained at the end is no longer what it was.

Unframed artwork

Our unframed paper works are sold in plastic protective envelopes designed expressly for the artwork. Your new acquisition will therefore be sent to you in complete safety.

The artwork is slipped into an acid-free plastic envelope with stiff cardboard on the back to prevent any curl in the paper. This envelope is then sealed so that the work remains intact and without contact with dust.

Since the plastic envelope are acid-free, you will be able to keep the artwork in its packaging for several years (or even decades!) without fear of the artwork deteriorating. So you can take the time to choose the perfect frame for your new favorite artwork !

Despite our desire to minimize the use of polluting packaging, unfortunately we have not found yet other solutions to properly protect paper works. However, we are always on the lookout for ways to contribute to the well-being of our planet!

Importantly, paper works should never be placed in direct sunlight, which would deteriorate the colors, despite the protective plastic envelope.


Delivery: We deliver to Quebec, Canada, the United States and most countries in the world. If no delivery option is available for your address, contact-us and we will provide you with a custom estimate!

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Packaging: We pack the artworks with great care, most of the time with recycled materials, since the planet is as important to us as the effulgence of the quebec fine art crafts! We use foam, paper or bubble wrap to protect your purshase which will then be placed in a cardboard box. Canvas are also protected with cardboard corners and kraft paper.

Return Policy: We want you to have a real crush on your new artwork! If this is not the case, we will be happy to exchange your purchase within 30 days of the date of purchase. To do so, the artworks must be returned to us at your expense, intact and in their original packaging. Consult all the details on our FAQ.