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Lace choker necklace, Royale blue model
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Lace choker necklace, Royale blue model

Véronique Louppe

Product Code: VEL-RTC-012

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Choker type lace necklace composed of enamelled copper threads and glass beads, created by hand by a Quebec lacemaker using the bobbin lace technique.

The fine lace at the origin of this magnificent ornament consists of an approximately 1’’ wide strip of lace on which a play of frills gives an impression of lightness. On the front, a triangular point adorned with glass pearls takes place at the base of the neck of the wearer.

With the allure of a tiara, this unique necklace goes wonderfully with a very open collar, like a sleeveless dress. Whether for a wedding, a special evening or simply because the presence of this creation appeals to you, this necklace will certainly steal the show!

Creation process

Bobbin lace is one of the many ways to create lace. It is actually a weaving of threads, which are wrapped around spools of wood called spindles. This weft is executed on a lace loom, called a tile, where the pattern of the work being created will be attached. This guide will tell the lace maker the location of the pins that will hold the threads in place and ensure the regularity of the lace.

You will guess that making lace is a long-term job that combines patience, passion and know-how!


Véronique Louppe's jewelrys are made of semi-rigid metallic threads. These can therefore bend if they are improperly stored or if they are wrinkled. That being said, even if it did happen, you could gently "unfold" your jewelry so that it returns to its original shape. Obviously, you should not "bend" and "unfold" your jewelry too often, which would have the effect of creating a weakness in the metal wire.

Omit this caveat, lace jewelrys are very easy to maintain and wear. Just lightly clean them with a dry cloth, depending on how often you wear them. 

The artist

Véronique Louppe


Portrait of Veronique Louppe

Véronique Louppe is a lace artist, so she builds textile developed on the ancient principle of crossing threads called bobbin lace. She met and learned this technique in 1976, but it was not until 2001 that she decided to practice it as a profession. It was then in 2004 that her work took a major turn, thanks to the appearance of metal wire in her creations. This strong fiber forces the artist to rethink existing techniques and create non-existent lace patern. It is also thanks to those researches that the artist creates, among other things, very innovative three-dimensional sculptures in addition to the jewelry presented at the Vivoir.

For Véronique Louppe, bobbin lace is a technique with rudimentary tools, a thread by thread weaving, the basic interweaving of which has delighted her with its simplicity and ingenuity. The lace artist is now working to continue her research and experiments to participate in the evolution of bobbin lace in her own way, without limiting her ideas, without saving her energy, by taking advantage of her abilities.


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2' wide'

Ajustable from 14 to 16''

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