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Profundis Inverto
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Profundis Inverto

Sébastien 1/1

Product Code: SEL-SCU-002

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Sébastien 1/1's works arouse curiosity. They are majestic, intriguing and fascinating.

Profundis Inverto is made from yellow pine sapwood from an old piece of barn wood. Despite the time and energy devoted to working with wood in the form of a sculpture, the majority of Sébastien's efforts are directed at finding how to make the piece of wood speak and how to integrate its screen printing, in the form of a large piece of fabric used to dress the sculpture. This Belgian linen dress will then be mounted on the piece of wood.

The freestanding sculpture that we can contemplate today is therefore the result of a work of reflection and above all, listening, to find the perfect balance between the fine lines of the screen printing and the raw appearance of the carved wood. You can see the play of reliefs in the sculpture of the infinite squares, but also in the superimposed layers of ink that were used in screen printing. Even on Belgian linen which seems flat at first glance, the reliefs indulge in a fascinating dance.

31 x 16 x 6 ''

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The artist

Sébastien Lajoie


Portrait de Sébastien Lajoie

Attracted by physical work and by the acuity of strength movement, I quickly loved the screen printing on textile. I find this feeling there, when the blade passes over the silk with the resistance of the ink, a thick and dense plastisol.

I started by printing abstract patterns on clothes, leading to the creation of Agence Orange 21. I then used canvas mounted on a false frame, printed with rhythmic patterns within a production artistic that I was going to broadcast. Then, I end up developing an interest in textiles, particularly in grain and spinning, which have a great influence on the result of printing. By these details of fabric construction, my "screen-printed" images have been transformed and are more like weaving processes, always imbued with a system and mechanics.

In addition to my screen-printing research, I have always worked with wood, for the same reasons: the physical work of precision and the undeniable trace of action on thought. Wood leaves no chance, especially the stumps of rotten trees, which are always the first pieces to attract me. At the beginning, I worked the material with engravings, allowing me to wrap it, to distort it and make it less organic. Then, I started to use my printed fabrics to dress my sculptures as a designer would.

Sometimes I see huge organic and futuristic buildings, other times the influence of African art ... I like that my creations have several languages and several impressions at the same time.

Marriage, contrast, paradox and sensitivity, so many possibilities open up to this search for transcendence over matter, over color, in connection with this association of wood and textile according to principles of construction and mechanics in an esthetic determinant.


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