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Guy Lemieux

Painting and tapestry

La Durantaye

Portrait of Guy Lemieux

Tapestry has been at the centre of my artistic creation and my work environment throughout my 50-year career. Already seduced by this discipline when studying at the École des Beaux Arts de Québec, I was among the only group of graduates which specialized in high-warp. After being involved in fine crafts and visual arts for several years in Quebec City, I moved to the countryside to regain my freedom of expression far from the influences of the milieu. Inspired by the atmosphere of the place, I develop a pictorial language of my own.


My current artistic approach is characterized by the impulse to express in my imagination the singularity of offbeat places I visited. While it lets me dream, my work is built around the juxtaposition or overlapping of hatching and brushstrokes on the canvas or on the tapestry cardboard for the pleasure of the viewer. I weave the tapestries myself and I allow myself to add technical and pictorial touches throughout the creative process. The influence of my high-warp years is reflected in the way I approach surface treatment of the canvas, giving my work a very personal touch. In addition, the influence of my years of painting adds a distinctive style to my tapestries.

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The product "Golden hour" is in the cart.
Golden hour
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The product "Thinning" is in the cart.
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The product "Atmospheric yellow" is in the cart.
Atmospheric yellow
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The product "Fascination in light" is in the cart.
Fascination in light
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The product "At dusk" is in the cart.
At dusk
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The product "Spring drift" is in the cart.
Spring drift
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The product "Lemon blue " is in the cart.
Lemon blue
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The product "Parcel reflection" is in the cart.
Parcel reflection
  • $5,200.00
The product "Red rhythm" is in the cart.
Red rhythm
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The product "Yellow lake river" is in the cart.
Yellow lake river
  • $1,250.00
The product "Winter sweetness" is in the cart.
Winter sweetness
  • $7,050.00
The product "Opposition" is in the cart.
  • $1,575.00
The product "Arise" is in the cart.
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The product "Chimeras" is in the cart.
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The product "To the meeting" is in the cart.
To the meeting
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The product "Crossed" is in the cart.
  • $850.00
The product "At the moon" is in the cart.
At the moon
  • $1,650.00
The product "Forest lights" is in the cart.
Forest lights
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The product "Forest shimmer" is in the cart.
Forest shimmer
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The product "Some uncertainty " is in the cart.
Some uncertainty
  • $1,250.00
The product "Souvenance" is in the cart.
  • $1,250.00
The product "Emergence" is in the cart.
  • $2,700.00
The product "Ground swells" is in the cart.
Ground swells
  • $2,500.00