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Jacynthe Bergeron


Halfway between naive art, ‘’ street art ’and illustration, I find my inspiration in contact with the nature that surrounds me.

My intention is about promote joy in my practice and to appeal to the candid and tender part of people, their childish hearts.

My paintings are always constructed in two stages, namely content and form, an approach to abstraction and then to figuration. I explore the state of relaxation provided by the letting go of colors, the gesture, the energy that needs to go naturally without constraint, it is in this state without seeking a precise objective that I compose the basis of the painting: through abstraction. Then comes the figuration (intention) in superposition which comes to play with what is already there: the colors, the unexpected and raw shapes of the abstract background. It is at this moment that I express an idea, a concept inspired by my daily reflections and my realizations through a character or a staging of natural elements.

The line occupies an important place in my work, sinuous and lively, it captures the energy that circulates and unites everything.

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100% recycled wool dryer ball
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Doggie Whale 100% wool
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Doggie Cat pillow 100% wool
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Doggie Whale 100% wool
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Dino, doggie 100% wool
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