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Suzette Patry



Passionate about lively, it is through nature that I try to identify humans. My draws are precise and elaborate. During the work, stories are born: character trees, robust and fragile, amazing trees which have fun making their roots dance. Or these stones which tell of anguish and the passage of time are so many metaphors for human vulnerability. I also keep place for my imagination by creating more whimsical designs: fantastic horses, rainbow-colored birds, flowers with surprising lines.

In my abstract subjects, I let gesture, line and color speak on paper. Then, via photocopying, I manipulate, I tear, I triturate: these dances of created shapes, I call them "wing beats".

Because I am "a storyteller in pictures", my stories give a large place to poetry. It is through it that I hear moving the viewer and making him discover all this beauty that surrounds us and intoxicates us.

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